Getting Started

To answer that question in a general manner is a bit tricky as every home is a different size( 700 ft2, 2,500 ft2..etc) and had a different unit and layout of the air duct system(registers). We would recommend having your air ducts cleaned every 2-4 years.

The easiest way is on the main page, we made it so that you can pick the service you require, pick a date and time that works best for you and with one clicked you’re In.

Yes, PacificAirUSA services the entire Bay Area from Santa Cruz up to Santa Rosa


Payment is done with a %10 initial deposit to book the project and remaining balance upon completion of work.

PacificAirUSA offers a variety of discount from online coupons to senior/veterans discounts, call and ask Tech.

At PacificAirUSA we’re always tying to be up to date with all the latest payment methods. We do accept Venmo or PayPal to our clients convenience.


PacificAirUSA does not subcontract any work and all technicians are employees of the company.

Yes, ask tech for any additional info if necessary.

Yes, any work done by PacificAirUSA is under insurance.

Cleaning Process

No, are equipment is state of the art and is working in a way that keeps the house clean of any dirt blowing back and highly trained technicians will keep your home and work environment clean and friendly.

It depends on the service scheduled and size of system, we would say roughly between 45 minutes up to 4 hours.(ask tech for more specifics)

Pets are not a problem as long as they are not running around the machine and disturbing the process.


We are always available to help you out. Whether it’s a support issue, a question about a service of ours, or any other query, we are here to respond to your request.