Filter replacement

Do You Still Buy a One Time Use Filter Instead of a Washable Filter !?


filter replacement

Every HVAC system has or is supposed to have a filter located in the return vent or the furnace. The filter is a crucial in the proper functioning of your system and air quality. Leading sources in the HVAC industry and indoor air quality or stating that indoor air quality is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Once the system is being turned on and that dirty air is being forcibly sucked into your return vent, it takes a large amount of dust that runs through your furnace, duct work and finds it’s way back into your home.

Most home owners are using a One-Time use filter. The downsides of using these filter is higher energy bill, the system works harder, poor air quality.

The filter needs to be replaced every 3-6 months(depending on size of home & usage of the system). What most home owners don’t know Is that after the first few weeks of using this filter it collects a large amount of dust that actually blocks air from getting into your system which results in your system running more than it’s suppose to. 

PacificAirUSA recommends getting a washable filter, and we are not talking about just any washable filter we re recommending the ElectroStatic Filter.

clean filters

Science Lesson Time: How do electrostatic filters work

It might sound complicated but the actual science behind these air cleaners is simple. Electrostatic filters work like magnets to dust particles in the air. It works in the same principle of electrostatic attraction. If you would rub a balloon against your hair the balloon would strip electrons from your hair. Your hair has a very small weight which makes it attract to the balloon and stick to it.


Electrostatic Filter can be washed and reused which are resulting in a much cleaner air, lower energy bills and a system that is working more efficiently.

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