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Most home owners have a regular maintenance schedule they follow to keep the air in their home clean and their system running more efficiently. 

Your furnace should be a large part of that maintenance schedule. Furnace cleaning is important at all times of the year but especially before winter. 

Why Heating Maintenance Is Important:

The furnace is working hard to heat your home and it ends up taking a lot of dust, dirt and other particular particles. Your furnace is a magnet to dirt and if you fail to clean it on a regular basis those harmful particles will get distributed and cycled again and again in your home. This can cause many health issues. You may find yourself having stuffy nose or throat. having to scratch more than usual, having a difficulty breathing normally and feeling uncomfortable. This is especially troubling to people with asthma & allergies.

Besides health problems, an uncleaned furnace can cause your system to run inefficiently. 

A layer of dust can easily reduce the air flow into the furnace which results the furnace by working over time to compensate for that and result in you using your system longer and longer hours and increasing or lowering the degrees to an unusual setting.

furnace clean up
furnace cleaning

Signs that your furnace needs to be cleaned:

  • Higher energy bill
  • Stuffy air
  • More quit system
  • More dust in the house

A clean furnace will:

  • Work more efficiently: when dust covers the fans, blower motors and filters the furnace has to work harder. That layer of dust reduces the air flow which forces the furnace to run longer than usual
  • Longer Lasting Furnace: Parts of the furnace are built to last for a long time, however dirt and dust speeds up the aging process which will result you in needing to change the system earlier than the usual standard.

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